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Social Networking For Business: What Works

Social Networking For Business: What Works

What To Avoid In Social Networking

1. It’s All About Me. Ugh! How many times do we need to hear that the world doesn’t keep spinning around YOU? We all want to hear about ourselves and how what you have to say will make our lives better. Make all your communications about how others will benefit from being involved with you. Frankly, we don’t care that you’re “standing in line to get a hamburger.” What will help is if you found that hamburgers are available at half price today from 12:00 to 3:00 at 4th and Main and they are the best you’ve ever had. That information would be valuable. Make it about others and you will succeed.

2. Spam City. We hated spam on email (still do). We don’t like it any more in the era of social networking. So stop it already! Yes, we know you have a “great way to make money on Twitter” on your site but frankly, we’re tired of hearing it! Instead, promote serious ways people can solve problems in their business. You add to your credibility and avoid being seen as a spammer.

3. Too Much “Unfollowing” Or “De-Friending.” When you stop following someone (and there are times it is appropriate) make sure it is because of serious problems (like spamming - see above). When we see someone has “unfollowed” us (more of those clever new words we get today), it can hurt. I remember one person who I admired and had purchased a lot of her materials. However, when she unsubscribed to my email I was hurt. Was I logical? Of course not. However, that person has already lost thousands of dollars as I spent the money with someone else - and she doesn’t even know it! Careful on what you do and who it can offend. Hear more about this story in my podcast at

Social Networking is really very much like good ole networking has been since human beings started gathering in groups. Treat people with honesty and dignity. Relationship Marketing principles work today on these new media. Avoid the “hot new ways to increase traffic” that smack of hucksterism and chicanery.

If it doesn’t come from a genuine, real desire to help other humans beings, it should probably be avoided. This is true in Relationship Marketing, Social Networking and life.

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