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Holiday Organizing with Buckets

Holiday Organizing with Buckets

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You may recall that I love using buckets to organize and store things—it’s just one of my (uh, many) quirks. Lucky for me, the holiday season offers new opportunities to organize things with buckets (hooray!) and, it turns out, the holiday season also offers the opportunity for finding new buckets.

Yesterday I discovered some new buckets on my way to an in-home client appointment. I arrived very near the client’s neighborhood about fifteen minutes early. It just so happens that my client lives very near to a very nice and very new Target. So, I thought “I have just enough time to stop at Target to return those pillowcases and use the ladies room.”

So I run into this very new, very nice Target and stop at the returns counter — which happens to be right next to a very well stocked Dollar Spot. This very well stocked Dollar Spot happened to have some very cute holiday buckets—in red, blue and green. Now remember, I have fifteen minutes to a) use the ladies room, b) return pillowcases and c) drive the remaining three miles to my client’s home. And arriving on time is a priority. So, those buckets really complicated things. Do I use the bathroom or do I buy the bucket? I opted to stick to the original plan and use the ladies room, reasoning that I could easily swing back by Target on my way home.

Fast forward 4-1/2 hours…and I’m back in the very new, very nice Target. I have $2.50 in my hand and I am ready to claim my lovely green bucket. To my shock and horror, there are only red buckets left! That’s right — all the blue shiny buckets and all the green shiny buckets are g-o-n-e, leaving me not only green-bucketless, but also realizing I am not the only crazy bucket-loving lady on this planet. In fact, there were many bucket-loving people in that one very new, very nice Target buying up my shiny green buckets while I was happily and unknowingly organizing with my client. Who would have thought?

I decided to settle on the red bucket and head home, slightly bothered that all those green buckets got away from me—every single one of them. Gone.

Now a rational person would let it go. I had a red bucket, I should be happy. Right? Nope. Not me. That green bucket kept calling me and that green bucket kept nagging at me. The red bucket simply wouldn’t do. I had to have a green bucket. (Yes, I was becoming an even crazier bucket-loving lady than I was just hours earlier.)

So, I did what any crazy bucket-loving lady would do and headed to my not-so-very-new Target to see if, by chance, it had shiny green buckets. And alas—it did! I am now the happy owner of a shiny green bucket (and a red bucket, too. Because…well…you just never know when you might need a red bucket, right?)

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