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Three Quick Tips to Clear the Way for Clutter-Free Holidays!

Three Quick Tips to Clear the Way for Clutter-Free Holidays!

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The holidays are a clutter-full time of year! More items and activities come into our homes and lives during this season than any other season of the year. To make sure the clutter doesn’t inundate you this year, take simple actions now. You’ll be sure to enjoy a clutter-free holiday season!

1. De-clutter your kitchen. Before the season breezes in, lighten up your kitchen. No need for a major overhaul (you can do that in January.) For now, just open your cupboards and pantry doors, looking inside for unused, unwanted and unneeded items. Get rid of plastic cups (you know, the ones that multiply in your cabinets while you’re sleeping?), appliances that haven’t seen the light of day in years, and food that’s outstayed it’s welcome in your cabinets. (A quick check of the expiration date will take the guess work out of this one.) By creating a little breathing room in your kitchen now, you’ll find holiday baking and cooking that much more enjoyable.

2. De-clutter your kids’ bedrooms or play room. Before the holiday’s hit, purge, purge and purge some more. You’ll know you’ve purged enough when you see open space, empty shelves or unused storage bins where once you saw toys, toys and more toys. This space will soon be filled by Santa and all his loot. And won’t it be so much less stressful to already have space carved out before new goodies even land under the tree? Plus, if you donate your lightly used toys to a favorite charity, you’ll help brighten Christmas for less fortunate children. Remember to summarize your donations and get receipts for your taxes!

3. De-clutter your calendar. If there’s one thing there’s not enough of during the holidays it’s time. Take action now to purge non-mission critical activities or at least defer them until after the holidays. Make room for shopping, baking, holiday cards, parties, and all your other favorite holiday activities.

With a little proactive de-cluttering, you’ll enjoy a clutter free holiday season. Plus you may even find space for some “you time” this year. You’re starting to feel merry already, aren’t you?

I’d love to hear your ideas! What decluttering do you do this time of year in preparation for the holidays?

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