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World's 5 Best Business Travel Tips

World's 5 Best Business Travel Tips

Christina Macres

Whether traveling for business is an everyday occurrence, an occasional hindrance, or a lifelong dream, all business travelers can agree that if your job calls for travel, then being an efficient traveler is a must. We’ve got the five tips that will make your time en-route more productive and less stressful.

#1 Know Which Airlines Offer Premium Economy

Why? Because if your career has you traveling often, suffering though coach accommodations (or lack thereof) can grow tiresome. A weary traveler makes for a weary worker. If you’re fatigued and sore from an uncomfortable flight, chances are you’re not going to be at your most productive.

Don’t think management is going to spring for business class (let alone first class)? The good news is nowadays there’s another option — premium economy.

Somewhere in between coach and business class lies a leg rest and a seat that reclines a little further, not to mention a fast-track boarding pass and better food and entertainment options. Of course amenities vary based on airlines, so make sure you do your research before purchasing your ticket.

Airlines Now Offering Premium Economy Include:

• Air Canada
• Air France
• Air New Zealand
• Air Transat
• British Airways
• Frontier Airlines
• Japan Airlines
• Mexicana Airlines
• Spirit Airlines
• United Airlines
• Virgin America
• Virgin Atlantic
• Virgin Blue

#2 Get the Best iPhone Apps for Business Travel

Technology is your friend when traveling in and out of time zones, through strange cities, and around new surroundings. Make use of all your iPhone has to offer with these necessary business travel apps.

JetSet Expenses
Say goodbye to the days of lost meals and mileage receipts. JetSet has 15 different expense categories, as well as a hotel and rental car database and photo storage of receipts and it even works with Google Spreadsheet or Excel. Click here for the app.

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder
From voice memos to everyday reminders, having a full feature-recording studio right on your iPhone can come in handy when on the go. Click here for the app.

Useful for the business traveler and the everyday commuter, Trapser alerts you of speed traps and red light cameras. And since the app is free, traffic tickets won’t be the only things you’ll be saving money on. Click here for the app.

Lonely Planet
Get the most out of your travel (to any city) with the Lonely Planet app. From restaurants and entertainment to useful commuting information, this app will make travel productive and enjoyable. Click here for the app.

International travel can cause mental havoc and pronunciation nightmares. Save face and brain cells by using this translation app. Just plug in your phrase, then present it to your recipient for fuss-free communication. Click here for the app.

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