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How to Avoid Gossip and Stay Popular

How to Avoid Gossip and Stay Popular

Nealeigh Mitchell | AdminSecret

If Your Boss or Coworker is a Gossip:

Let’s face it. Gossip is rarely frowned upon. In fact, depending on the company’s culture, many offices actually encourage it, especially if there’s an insecure boss at the helm. When employers keep secrets from employees, and employees keep secrets from one another, before you know it, the entire office is riddled with backhanded conversation, backstabbing, and conniving.

People are so preoccupied with “he said, she said” banter, they lose sight of the bigger picture: a hard day’s work. When gossip is used as a way to climb the organizational ladder, relieve pressure, or deal with change, it’s difficult to escape. So how do you avoid jumping on the rumor mill wagon without alienating yourself?

Zip Your Lips — Once the gossiper starts tempting you to take part in the chat, refuse to play by saying “I’m not comfortable talking about that.” But remember, even if you’re simply listening to the gabfest, you’re still egging the offender on. You’re only innocent if you don’t participate at all.

Turn the Tables — Most gossips try to stay on top of the grapevine to keep attention off themselves. Flush out their insecurities by asking them personal questions about their own love lives, interests, or problems. They may change their ways once the scrutiny is on them.

Trust No One — Women’s job satisfaction tends to skyrocket when they work in a cohesive, nurturing environment. But don’t be fooled. You may have developed lasting friendships, but if it comes to a coworker choosing between loyalty and job security, which do you think she’d pick? If you feel the need to complain, get with friends who don’t work for the same company.

Demand Straight Talk — If your boss or coworker gives you honest feedback, there’s no need to involve a third party or have to go on the prowl for information. A good leader is transparent and direct, even at the risk of being hurtful and harsh. This goes for employees as well. Your boss is not a mind reader — voice your concerns. Don’t resort to whispering in the restrooms!

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