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How to Avoid Gossip and Stay Popular

How to Avoid Gossip and Stay Popular

Nealeigh Mitchell | AdminSecret

If You’re a Gossip:

We gossip to position ourselves above others. But you almost always look bad discussing someone else’s shortcomings. People see you for what you are — an insecure tattletale hiding behind others. And by the way, no one is exempt from being talked about. Not even you.

Plus, your loose lips could easily sink your chances of advancement. No boss is going to promote someone who appears to enjoy telling tales. But you can be in the know without talking behind someone’s back.

So what do you do if you’re part of the problem?

Stop — Bad habits can be unlearned. So why should you? Being known as the water cooler girl kills your credibility. People will come to you for useless info and nothing more.

Become Trustworthy — Confidentiality is king in any business. If your boss doesn’t think you can keep a secret, you’re less likely to be privy to significant info that affects the organization. If you can’t hang with the movers and shakers, how will you get up the ladder?

Refocus Your Skills — You’ve proven you can hold an audience and tell a good story. Why not use your powers for good? Use your social skills to build alliances and relationships that help the business rather than tear it down.

Understand Your Emotion — Ask yourself why you are participating in the mudslinging. Are you dissatisfied with your job? Are you jealous? Self awareness helps you understand what’s behind your words and may prevent you from saying something you’ll regret.

Use Your Words — When you withhold info from a coworker to spare her feelings, the truth can fester and potentially blow up at the most inopportune time. You may use the inside scoop as a weapon if she gets on your nerves down the road. Honesty is the best policy.

If You Play, Play Smart — If you absolutely must take part in the gossip, keep it light and tactful. Never say anything you wouldn’t like seeing sent around the office with your name attached.

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