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What to Capitalize in a Title

Currin Berdine | AdminSecret

This article will help you never forget what words are capitalized in a title.

I love being an admin, but technicalities when it comes to writing and words were never my thing. After winning my 2nd grade spelling bee, it all went downhill from there. Unfortunately, overlooking seemingly trivial details doesn’t cut it for a top admin. You must be able to catch each and every error and write impeccably.

My worst grammar flaw was remembering which words in titles to capitalize. So to help myself and all of you out there experiencing the same difficulties, I made this cheat sheet for us so that once and for all we know exactly what you should capitalize in the title of documents, article and subject lines.


1) The first and last word of the title itself

2) Words with these functions:


3) Words that are five letters or more, regardless of their function. This rule is meant to specifically address conjunctions and prepositions. Twenty or so years ago, writers did not capitalize any conjunctions or prepositions. Today, it is accepted and expected to capitalize the larger words.

Examples of prepositions include: Among, About, Between, Within, etc.
Examples of conjunctions/subordinating conjunctions: Although, Because, Until, Where, While, etc.

NEVER CAPITALIZE (unless they are the first or last word):

1) Prepositions and conjunctions of four letters or fewer

Examples of prepositions: at, by, down, for, from, in, into, like, near, of, off, on, onto, onto, over, past, to, upon, with
Examples of conjunctions: and, but, or, yet, for, nor, so, as, if, once, than, that, till, when

2) The particle β€œto” used as an infinitive (meaning with a verb)

Examples: to Read, to Write, to See, etc.

3) Articles (a, an, the)

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