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Little Ways to Burn Fat During the Workday

Little Ways to Burn Fat During the Workday

Walking with a coworker during a casual meeting could burn over 60 calories. Easy and productive!

Currin Berdine / AdminSecret

For me, the eye-catching headline on today’s front page is “The magic formula for keeping off lost weight.” In my dreams, the equation is shopping + chocolate – broken nails = thinner you! Unfortunately, they didn’t tell me anything we all don’t know: exercise + diet = weight loss.

According to a recent University of Pittsburgh study, exercising for an hour five times a week, with a daily intake of 1200 – 1500 calories is the guaranteed path to thinness.

Well, duh! The question for working people remains, We know the key to health, but how are we supposed to fit it in to our busy work week? I say build the exercises into your work day when you don’t have the hour to hit the gym or class. It is ideal to get away from your desk to rest your eyes and restore circulation to your muscles about every hour, so use that couple minutes to get more coffee, use the restroom, and burn some calories.

Here are a few tips to burn some extra calories by incorporating small movements into your day:

-Walk up and down the stairs; don’t take the elevator. (Going up a flight of stairs burns 5 calories, or 42 calories every five minutes of stepping)

-Take a 15 minute walk before lunch for fresh air (3 mph burns 69 calories)

-Stretch these sections of your body for one minute on each limb/side, using the basic moves you learned in elementary school physical education:

-Hip flexors -Calves -Hamstrings -Outer arms -Back of arms -Back of neck and sides of neck -Lower back twists

You can spread them out over the course of the day, or do them all at once. (58 calories burned during the 15 minutes)

-Arm circles. While waiting for the coffee to drip, put your arms straight out to your side, parallel to the floor. Do small circles forwards and backwards for one minute each way. (10 calories burned)

-Thigh press. While waiting for a bathroom stall, press your back to a wall and put your feet out in front of you, about a foot a foot away from the wall. Slide down the wall till your thighs are parallel to the floor. Sit for thirty seconds, come back up to rest, and repeat. (Burns 17 calories)

-Toe taps. While sitting at your desk, tap your foot up and down 25 times. Next, keep the back of your heel on the floor, tap left to right 25 times. Switch feet. Great to prevent shin splints! (Burns 14 calories)

-Calf toning. While waiting for the copy machine, put your hands on the ledge of a high surface. Be like a ballerina and press yourself up on your tippy toes and come down sixty times (Burns 17 calories.)

So far you’ve burned 217 calories! Let’s keep going…

-Squeeze your butt 60 times while seated for some serious glutimus maximus firming. (5 calories)

-Keep a straight posture all day. Focus on holding in your core stomach muscles to support your lower back. Breathe deeply. (Burns 10 calories more each hour, so for six hours, 60 calories)

-Laugh! (Just 5 minutes over the day burns 7 calories)

288 calories burned. Pretty good for not leaving the office.

And after work be sure to…

-De-stress and hook-up. At the end of your workday, get some special time with your loved one. Sex not only eases end of work day tension, bring you closer to your partner, and makes you feel darn good but it also burns calories. (5 minutes of foreplay + 10 minutes of intercourse = 8 + 45 = 53.)

Other Useful Tips for Staying Slim During the Work Week

-Take advantage of casual dress Fridays. Wearing comfortable clothes like jeans and tennis shoes encourages more movement, and therefore more calorie burn.

-Studies find that people who take public transportation burn more calories and are slimmer than their car-driving counterparts.

-Take your lunch to work to control portions. We all know restaurant portions, even “lunch specials,” are all super-sized. Also, they care more about your taste buds then your waistline, so they pour on calorie-laden dressings, mayo, fatty meats and loads of sodium. By packing your lunch, you’ll be more aware of what you are putting in your body and keeping off your behind.

-Walking and talking go hand-in-hand. Instead of emailing that note, start walking to your coworker’s desk. When on the phone, especially when on your cell for a personal call, get up and pace. Both things will add a few steps to your day.

-Drink tons of water. It keeps your stomach full and your digestive system moving regularly. It also prevents you from becoming dehydrated, which cause you to crave salty snacks, which leads to that mid-afternoon vending machine run.

Remember, everything adds up so don’t dismiss the little actions that can equal big results.

*Calorie figures based on a 150 lb woman

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