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Use Drag and Drop to Create New Outlook Items from Existing

Use Drag and Drop to Create New Outlook Items from Existing

An excerpt from the course ‘Outlook 2007 Productivity’ brought to you by Academy of Virtual Professionals.

Use Drag and Drop to create new Outlook items from existing

Drag and Drop — a key component to keeping organized! You can easily create new Outlook items from other Outlook items using drag and drop. The hidden beauty of drag and drop is that whatever information is in the message or notes area of the originating item passes on to the message or notes area of the newly created item…making for less typing, cut and pasting, etc.

To name a few: drag an email from your inbox to a contact folder and create a new contact item. What’s handy is if the email also contains the person’s phone numbers, websites, or addresses you can drag and drop those individual pieces of information to their appropriate field from the new contact record notes area. Again, less typing, cut and pasting, etc.

Drag an email to your task folder to create a new task.

Drag an email to your calendar folder to create a new appointment.

Drag a task from your task folder to your calendar folder to create a new calendar item.

Did you know you can create new Outlook items by selecting specific text and dragging it to a folder? A new item form opens with only the selected text in the Notes field or message body. This is handy if the email message contains a lot of information you don’t really want to carry over into your new contact or appointment, etc.

Dragging HTML from a webpage to create a new task, email, calendar, etc. works as well. Just reduce the size of the webpage in your screen so you can see both your Outlook and the webpage at once.

Dragging selected text from a Word document to create a new Outlook task, email, calendar, etc. works too. Notes: It doesn’t work with all items types and text formats in all versions/service pack levels of Outlook. If you receive an error, test it by selecting a block of plain text. In Outlook 2003, you may receive errors if you use both Unicode and ANSI (Outlook 97/2002 format) message stores and try to create new items from existing items in the other message store format.

Not into drag and drop? Try copy and paste – use Ctrl+V to paste copied text on a button or folder in Outlook to create an item with the copied text in the Notes field.

Have fun!

Watch the informative instructional video Outlook Productivity Tips: Drag and Drop.

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