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Here is another great Photoshop video. This video will teach you a finishing retouching technique from Photoshop. Just go through this video, and you will notice that how Photoshop can turn your photos more attractive. Enjoy!

So, what you think? Isn’t it a cool video? So when you are starting turning your photos in to the great timepiece art models?


Today we will do a tutorial based from a technique from a book today, have been to write this past joy, a Photoshop finishing touch, which has a border affect.

And this is one based on, certain types of variation; seem to be having the book, this will be the slight variation on a thing. So we will have a photo that we gonna use, and, “stock photo?” no this is a model that I worked with in Colorado, “Ya? Very nice”. So I will start off by duplicating, the background layer. Press control J to do that. And then add some extra candescent on by keyboard shortcuts. I press command option, or control+alt+C if you are on a PC. Just gonna add, just a little bit of extra. Really need to this, as I do this, just give me, a bit of an idea, what I have been working. Once I have done that, now, I can clock on my background layer, and fill it white because I wanna be able top see through a white background. Because, I have of course my entire photo white there.

So, I am now going to make a selection, based on this layer by holding down command key on MAC controller, on just clicking on that layer and making it into a selection.


I want to make the selection slightly smaller, so I am gonna contract that, now this is where you can decide how much amount you wanna see it. So I have contacted by fair width.

And then click on the layer mask button. So what that has done, you just made a map. It just a basically, hidden the very outside edge of our photo. So, my layer mask is still active, so I can go to the filter menu, and use a feature called displace. Now normally when you doing, displace, one of things you have do is create this thing called a map, which a great scale map features that couple of weeks fell of the stand, that flight tutorial I did. But this we are going to do a bit differently because built in to Photoshop, Photoshop application folders in preset, there is whole bunch of built in textures. And some of these makes absolutely smashing displacement maps. Look it that, just click on that, click, open, and you really got a cool border effect just like that.

Now we could stop there? No, we gonna continue because I am not, just saves files with that. I wanna take that little step further or is quite I would say a wee step further. Going to make a selection by holding down, once again, commanding control, on the layer mask. What I wanna make is just little bit broader. So I am going to take marking tool, and holding it down the optional alt key if you are on Windows, I’m gonna basically take away, most of this. So all land up with this little border selection. Now I can click back on my photograph press command or control J, which will duplicate just that little border and all you have to do, or she say just say all you have to do, is wrapped it.

Now change the blunt mode, to difference slight back, you get a cool little, black border. However the opacity is also in fact, here is interesting, option that I was playing with early, and that’s gonna really interesting. Because I never though I can use this, filter for this, but lens correction. If I can show you the whole thing, which I probably can’t, but I can show you something, with the lovely grid that always shows up. If you wanna really get some, disaffects now you can just sort it out, to very slightly distort and use the angle, and just rotate a bit even, add someone only wanna take away this chromatic abrasions with different colors.

But if you, put some other add-ins options, it will change the colors of everything. And then when you click ok you see this, so very sudden difference.

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