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Ghost images and red eyes are two most annoying things that we see in our pictures. It is generally due to camera flash. But don’t worry; Photoshop can easily remove these ghost images and red eyes. In Photoshop channel mixer another simple to use tool that removes red eyes by changing the RGB combination. Lets see how it works in this video.

Another great Photoshop tool. This was really good, Photoshop have variety of tool to remove the redeye, but this tool was so easy to use that even a child can correct the photos.

Okay, so what we do, if we have red eye image that can be corrected with red eye tool. It’s going to happen.

So what we do, well the next trick to view richful is one of Photoshop’s old time classic hits. Its called channel mixing. Now it helps to understand, why you have red eyes in the Photoshop RGB image. So go to the channels panel, and we have a look at the three different color channels red going in blue. Now the green channel, look it that, has got perfectly black pupils in the eye. The blue channel also has the good quality dark pupils. But the red channel, yikes, this terrible gray white film in the pupil. What this tells us is an old hair problems accused by this light gray color in the red channel. It is the red in the red eye.

So what we gonna do is, we are going to mix in, some of these nice black, stuff, that we caught in the green and blue channel to replaced this messed up stuff that we got in red channel.

Back to RGB, back to layers, and will go for an electrical mark K2. And I am just quickly going to make the selection around one of the pupils. Just adjust a little bit, and it doesn’t have to be exact exact, just needs to be pretty close.

And will then go to image, adjustments, and channel mixers. And we can do this nondestructively, by using an adjustment layers, so we have a look it that, in the later tutorial. So let the channel mix up, and, and it shows us, the color channel is ready; this is the channel that we need to correct. So it says the red channel is using one and the same red, well, we change that, by making it zero. As soon as we make it zero, you get the green blue effect on the pupil. Now we compensate for the loss of red by, the mixing in from the green and blue channel. 50% and 50%, giving the subtitle of 100. so give you the most natural results, and when asked few times, is it okay to just use the green channel over the just use of blue channel.

Naaa you can. The value I have it looks, say if it look natural, then it should be fine. But I preferred to use, a little bit of, green and blue, just make it as natural as possible as I say, whatever has been jewels try to safer work. And will say okay to this setting we have got now.

And just turn of my selection and that my friend is pretty good, fixed using the channel mixer.

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