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Tips On Projector Rentals

James Barry

Anyone who has staffed a tradeshow booth or led a training session can tell you the value of projector rentals. Here is just a small sample of the feedback shared with us by sales and training professionals:

•Travel Hassles – Projectors are extremely fragile. Traveling with them is problematic. With projector rentals, business travelers can book a rental and have it delivered ahead of time to their destination. If you often have more than one person traveling for your company, it does not make financial sense to spend money on a projector for each. Projector rentals give you the resources you need for less.

•Maintenance Issues – Projectors are costly to maintain. If something goes wrong, the cost of replacement parts can get out of hand. Depending on the model, bulbs alone can run into the hundreds of dollars. Projector rentals save you this expense. Reputable vendors always check their machines before shipping them to customers and they take responsibility for any repairs.

•Currency – Technology is always changing and it is hard for business to keep up. Projector rentals allow you access to the newest models whenever you need them. With rentals, you won’t have to deal with obsolete presentation equipment. You can create great presentations without blowing your hardware budget.

•Disposal – Disposal is an issue for all equipment, not just projectors. Projector rentals (or any equipment rental) take the onus off of you for disposal and/or recycling. The vendor removes the old equipment for you and saves you the time and energy required to find a suitable disposal method.

Here are a few tips for planning projector rentals:

•1) Find a vendor who offers guidance on suitable projector rentals. Your vendor should be able to recommend a specific type of projector or display based on the size of room or booth you will be presenting in and the size of the audience. Your vendor can tell you the resolution you need to ensure a bright, clear presentation.

•2) Ask your vendor about technical support. Bulbs have an uncanny knack for burning out right before a presentation. If you are not familiar with the projector, you may have trouble hooking it up to your laptop or desktop. In addition to projector rentals, does your vendor provide support? Do they offer only telephone support, or are technicians available to come to your training or exhibit site?

•3) What else do you need to make your presentation a success, and does your vendor offer it? You may require laser pointers, an audio system or even laptop rentals. Be sure to inquire about the availability of the other equipment you might need and, again, the technical support needed to set it all up.

4) Be prepared. Rent your equipment from a reliable projector rental company with years of experience, a highly trained support staff and a track record of providing positive results for their clients. Make sure you have run through your presentation beforehand and worked out all the kinks so you are making the most out of the time you are spending with your audience.

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About the Author: For more information on projector rentals contact Vernon Computer Source.

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