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The Latest in Phone Etiquette

The Latest in Phone Etiquette


From “The Latest in Phone Etiquette (Part 1 of 2)”

One of the most important skills I use every day as an executive secretary is proper phone etiquette.

The way I handle myself on the telephone reflects on my employer, my company and me. My professionalism speaks volumes about the image of my company. And as you know, professionalism is a key to moving forward, onward and upward in your role as an executive or administrative assistant.

Here are some proper phone etiquette techniques you must master if you want to enhance the image of your employer:

1. Answer the phone as quickly as possible. Answering on the second ring is best, but do try to answer before the third ring.

2. Before you answer the phone, end conversations with co-workers quickly and stop other activities that cause background noise, such as typing or shuffling papers.

3. Speak pleasantly to callers, even if you feel yourself becoming frustrated.

4. Use the hold button sparingly. No one enjoys being put on hold.

5. If you must speak with someone else while on a call, though, always use the hold button. Never let callers overhear other conversations.

6. When you must place a call on hold and the hold lasts longer than a minute, check back on the caller. Give the person the option of leaving a message or having you call the individual later when you can offer your full attention.

7. When you transfer a call, tell the caller to whom you’re transferring them and provide a direct number in case the call is cut off accidentally.

8. Always stay on the line when you transfer a call so that you can announce the caller.

9. Remember that you are often the only person a caller will ever speak with at your company. Your professionalism and courtesy are of the utmost importance.

In my next post, I will discuss more ways in which the way you use the phone can (and will) move you forward in your career as an administrative assistant.

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