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Do you receive spam in your e-mail box? How can you determine what’s real and what’s not? Do you fear that opening an e-mail will cause a virus to roam around your firm’s network and do some potential damage?

You’re not alone. I’m sure that everyone receives spam on a daily basis. Some of it is harmless and others can be a threat to your system and even cause identity theft.

Phishing scams have been around for quite some time now, where an e-mail would ask you to enter some personal information into a fake website that looks quite real. They would create a look-a-like web page that looks exactly the same as a bank or large corporation’s site. Then they would lure you into entering your bank account information, pin, etc. After this, they would use this information to transfer funds from your account or do other damage. They would even sell your personal information in chat rooms on the black market.

Affiliate marketing lets organizations advertise a company’s products for a commission fee per item sold. Many anti-virus software are being advertised this way to secure people from spam e-mails. Internet marketing online is the best and cheapest way to advertise heavily online about products that does not include spam. Internet marketing is getting famous and fulfilling the demands of customers. There are many online companies which are providing web hosting services. These services also include marketing as well as web design. The website design should always meet the theme of the company and its products. Web design tutorials are also given online. Cheap web hosting is desired by people in order to save money. There are some companies which provide free web hosting services, but the quality of their services are not very good.

One easy way to know if the e-mail is a fake is just to delete ones that you don’t feel comfortable with. This will delete the virus that might be attached to it. If you do end up opening an e-mail and end up wanting to click on the link, hover over the link and check the website name. If it’s not the company’s website, delete it. This will only bring you to a fake website. Instead, open a new browser window and manually type in the company’s website address. This will guarantee that you are on the company’s real website.

Another tip is to install anti-virus and internet security software, such as Symantec’s Norton products. These types of software even include spam blockers.

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