Correspond Like A Pro

As the number of emails increase, it seems that the level of professional correspondence has decreased. Tacky notes, mis-spelled words, sentences that drone on and on -- you've probably seen it all, as have I. But never forget that people judge you by whatever means you interact with them. That includes notes, phone messages, and yes, the ubiquitous email. Here are ... Full Story

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    10 Excel Secrets Every Admin Should Know

    Excel is one of those programs. Sometimes it seems as though it's perfectly harmless and easy - until you accidentally hit enter and erase all the data you just spent the entire day creating. With the help of AdminSecret featured writer Richard Rinyai, we've put together this list of the 10 Excel secrets that will help you do your job better, ...
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    Must Know Software for the Administrative Assistant

    Must Know Software for the Administrative Assistant
    From the Administrative Arts blog "Must Know Software for the Administrative Assistant" These days, with companies reorganizing and downsizing, more and more is being expected of the Administrative Assistant role. We’re not just expected to take care of the boss anymore, we’re also expected to design databases, manage websites, produce newsletters and a plethora of other duties we weren’t expected to ...
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    Learn How to Type Faster With These 5 Pointers

    Learn How to Type Faster With These 5 Pointers
    I haven't been practicing lately so I only top out at about 95wpm (words per minute), but with continued training it is fully possible to kick your typing speed up to 160wpm or even higher. Why am I mentioning these speeds? Because the average person's handwriting speed is somewhere around 25-35wpm where the words are short and speed is at the ...
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    What to Capitalize in a Title

    This article will help you never forget what words are capitalized in a title. I love being an admin, but technicalities when it comes to writing and words were never my thing. After winning my 2nd grade spelling bee, it all went downhill from there. Unfortunately, overlooking seemingly trivial details doesn't cut it for a top admin. You must be ...
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    How to Catch Common Grammatical Errors

    How to Catch Common Grammatical Errors
    Business documents rife with typos can undermine your professional reputation, not to mention that of your company. That's why admins should have a good working knowledge of grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as the ability to catch mistakes before someone else does. Catching your own errors can be challenging. But with a little practice, you can reduce your margin of ...
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